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He Fixed Bisbee's Pool. He'd Like To Fix Mexico.



by Chuck Alton, KCTRnews.com

One does not have to look long or hard to find interesting people to learn something from in Bisbee. Peter Von Gundlach leads in the category. Pictured here, the nearly 80 year old industrious 20 year Bisbonian has made a career of industrial grade projects, has engineered 1,000+ swimming pools, and even built a UFO landing pad, not far from his home, just in case.

It took years to finally get City Hall to listen to him about how to fix Bisbee’s municipal pool, and he is quite frank about the fact that had he been heard early-on he could have saved the City upwards of a half million dollars. Fortunately for the kids in Bisbee, someone listened and the pool is operating well and fully functional after being closed for a year while the repairs he insisted on were made.

On the phone this morning I spoke with Von Gundlach, former City Councilman, about the prognosis for the pool, and then we switch focus to Bisbee’s Memorial Weekend event SonoraFest and Mexico, a country he lived and worked in for decades. He’s an expert on our neighbor to the south.

He talks about the intent of SonoraFest, and what it will take to realize its goals and objectives if possible. Is a wall on our border a good idea? In his own words, an interesting half hour with a man who continues to live a full life, Peter Von Gundlach… listen now:


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