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The Debate Over Glyphosate In Bisbee


Photo by Earl Doane. Weed growth less that 6 months after paving.


Weeds threaten the destruction of Bisbee streets and they need to be eradicated soon, but how? Bisbee has avoided using herbicides for decades. Is that about to end? The Work Session from June 6, available to hear in full on KCTRnews.com, rolls out research from the Streets and Infrastructure Committee's Steve Dey, himself a chemist and organic farmer, which doesn't identify a viable alternative solution to Glyphosate, a popularly used yet controversial Monsanto product that is a main ingredient of Roundup (tm), which the State of California has just ordered be labeled a carcinogen.

French grape growers recently said they will not use Roundup or any product with the ingredient Glyphosate, and class action lawsuits against Monsanto currently abound nationwide involving thousands who claim exposure to Roundup gave them cancer. Meanwhile, the City of Bisbee legal staff has been tasked with the wording of an ordinance allowing limited use of the herbicide which Mayor and Council will vote on soon, while some citizens strongly opposed to use of herbicides anytime in the Town say they will experiment with alternative natural solutions to recommend, out of fear that even limited use of low grade and small amounts of Glyphosate could harm humans and animals alike.

Bisbee Mayor David Smith claims he has no opinion about what is used to eradicate the street destroying weeds, but warns that something has to be done right away to save the taxpayers' recent million dollar plus investment in streets. The work session unpacks Dey's comprehensive research that minimizes concern for using limited amounts of Glyphosate, and fails to find a viable alternative to Roundup or similar solutions, which inevitably would mean the use of Glyphosate to save the quickly deteriorating affected roads. It's a three-way race against time, and the Monsoons are just weeks away, further complicating the situation.

Can Bisbee maintain the aversion to the use of herbicides? A larger question might be,"do enough people in Bisbee really care about that?" To date, general apathy has won out over the very vocal demand by a relative few that there be passage of a law to legally prevent its use, ever and for any reason.

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